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Ranch updates from a busy summer

Nebraska Sandhills, bay horse, lakes, blue sky, green grass
Sandhills morning

It's been a busy summer on the ranch, and for some reason all of a sudden it's August. Here's a few updates...

We have been getting decent moisture and the Sandhills are covered with ample vegetation- it's a welcome relief after the last three years of drought and one of the toughest winters that anyone can remember in the last 40 years.

Nebraska Sandhills, lakes, grass, green, sunset
Sunset on the ranch

With all the rain, haying has been a struggle, but the next couple of weeks the weather looks to be heating up, and hopefully the haying equipment cooperates- as sometimes it has its own mind.

A couple of big things this summer- Bailey Jones is back. It has been a huge blessing to have the NC State intern back for her second summer. She just makes every day better with her attitude. She's been living with me this summer and I may have bribed her to do most of the cooking.

Woman and dog on ATV, Belgian Malinois
Bailey & Jemma

Woman and dog on ATV, chocolate lab
Grace & Roy

The D'Ascolis have two new additions to their family- a gangly lab puppy named Roy and a new grey horse named Frank that have both settled in well.

Man riding a gray horse
Salvetti & Frank

AI'ing (the original AI-artificial insemination) went great and now just keeping fingers crossed for bred cows.

As I'm sure you have seen- we have paused shipping until September 1. We are beyond pleased that UPS did not strike. I had received a call the morning the negotiations completed to do an interview on the potential of a strike with NBC, and a half hour before the interview, the deal was signed. I'd love to take credit for the negotiations, but we all know that is not true.

Woman on horse with dog
Jaclyn on the phone with NBC a few weeks ago, Jemma and Chico waiting patiently

You can still order any time and as soon as September 1st is here (hopefully with some cooler temps) we will get your beef to your home. If you need beef sooner, we are still offering Southwest and Alaska Air shipping which is not only cheaper, but beef shows up frozen every time. We love shipping by air and highly encourage you try it. Of course we always have delivery options to Nebraska and Colorado.

Thanks for following along and please continue to stay tuned! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @wilsonflyingdiamondranch for more updates!

-Jaclyn Wilson

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