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Our cattle raising principles produce pretty outstanding beef. Most importantly- our practices are assured to be environmentally smart. 

To us, EnviroSmart means that every choice we make is considered with its environmental impact.  Ranching is a partnership with the land and the ecosystems that have existed here for thousands of years, and we take our responsibility as caretakers of the land very seriously. We also believe that making a conscious effort towards environmentally smart choices improves the beef we produce, and provides you a more natural product. We know that you care about where your food comes from and what goes into it, and the good news is that we care too.  While all of our cattle are managed under the EnviroSmart principles, so all of our beef is "EnviroSmart Beef"!

Envirosmart Beef Label

EnviroSmart Beef- Flying Diamond Beef

While the majority of their life is spent on pasture, all of our cattle that are part of Flying Diamond Beef program are grain finished.  We believe in grain finishing our cattle as it provides consistency in product, the beautiful marbling our consumers have come to love, and amazing flavor.  The other component that grain finished provides is efficiency.  By feeding a higher energy ration, our cattle can reach optimal weight in less time, which means less resources being used, and less environmental impact.

The cattle that have received our EnviroSmart Beef label, had a tiny tissue sample of their ear that was sent into a facility where a combination of data and genomics were used to give us an ideal ‘days on feed’ for that individual animal to reach its optimal carcass characteristics.  When those days are met, the animal is sent to harvest.  Overfeeding past that optimal carcass means greater carbon footprint  By utilizing this new technology it adds to our already large portfolio of doing what we can to have a positive effect on the environment.  

All of our products in our store are now EnviroSmart Beef. Be on the lookout for the green EnviroSmart Beef label when it shows up at your door, and know that you are choosing a beef product that is utilizing cutting edge data to help minimize our carbon footprint. 

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