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Shipping is available to all 50 US States. For the Continental US, we ship via UPS Ground, Southwest Air Cargo, or Alaska Air Cargo. We prefer Southwest Air Cargo as it is fast, less expensive, and a sure way to keep the beef cold as it travels to you. Shipping with SWA requires pickup at the airport nearest you. It is kept in refrigerated coolers at the departure and arrival airport, and can be picked up at your convenience

The next best option for shipping is through UPS Ground. Our orders are packed into boxes with insulation and dry ice to keep the beef as cold as possible. We will be in contact with you about when your order is shipping along with a UPS Tracking Number. It should take about 3 days to get to you once shipped. As long as the beef is still frozen, partially frozen, or cool to the touch when it arrives to you, all is well, and the beef can be refrozen. 

If you receive your beef and it is not cool, cold, or frozen, please contact us. Always be conscious of food safety protocols to ensure you are consuming safe products. 


When purchasing online, a credit or debit card is required for purchase. For in-person orders, cash or checks may be accepted. 

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