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A Flying Diamond Beef Half includes roughly 125 pounds of top tier beef, delivered to you in a wide variety of cuts.

Your purchase of a Half will include an assortment of:

~10 pounds of Chuck and Shoulder Roasts

~20 pounds of steaks including New York Strips, Sirloin, Filets, Eye of Round, Flank Steaks, and Skirt Steaks

~65 pounds of 90/10 ground beef

Other variety cuts like brisket, marrow and soup bones, short ribs and stew meat.

What a bang for your buck! Not only are you purchasing beef at a rediculously affordable price point, you're also investing in higher quality beef than you find at the grocery store. Free delivery/shipping to Nebraska and Colorado. Can ship anywhere in the U.S. through Southwest Cargo or Alaska Air for $1.40/lb.

*No cut options available currently.

Beef 1/4

  • Beef 1/4- A combination of cuts from the back and front end of the animal, so you get a bit of everything. 125 lbs of meat in individual cut packages. A beef 1/4 will take up about 4 cubic feet of storage space, so be sure to clean out that freezer before it arrives! 

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